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"Assembly Station Left"

"Assembly Station Right"

"Exit Arrow Left"

"Exit Arrow Right"

"Breathing Apparatus"

"Rescue Boat"

"Davit Launched Liferaft"

"Embarkation Ladder"

"Embarkation Slide"



"Lifebuoy with Line"

"Lifebuoy with Light & Smoke"


"Child's Lifejacket"

"Immersion Suit"

"Survival Craft Portable Radio"

"Radar Transponder"

"Survival Craft Pyro"

"Rocket Parachute"

"Line Throwing Appliance"

"Assembly Station"

"Assembly Station"

"Breathing Apparatus"

"Lifebuoy With Light & Line"

"Infant lifejacket"

"Medical Locker"

"Emergency Equipment"

"Emergency Shower"

"Emergency Eye Wash"

"Emergency Telephone"

"Emergency Stop"

"Drinking Water"

"Breathing Apparatus"

"Smoke Hood"

"Escape to Sea"

"Straight Arrow"

"Diagonal Arrow"

"Fasten Seat Belts"

"Secure Hatches"

"Start Engine"

"Lower Lifeboat"

"Lower Liferaft"

"Lower Rescue Boat"

"Release Falls"

"Start Water Spray"

"Start Air Supply"

"Fire Control Plan"

"Push Button - Switch For General Alarm"

"Horn Fire Alarm"

"Bell Fire Alarm"

"Emergency Fire Pump"

"Space Protected By Auto Fire Alarm"

"Manually Operated Call Point"

"Fire Blanket"

"Wear Helmet"

"Wear Goggles"

"Wear Ear Protection"

"Wear Gloves"

"Wear Boots"

"Wear Protective Clothing"

"No Smoking"

"Battery Locker"

"Paint Store"

"Emergency Generator"

"Liferaft Launching"

"Safety Equipment"

"Smoking Area"

"Eating & Drinking Area"

"Safety Arrow Straight"

"Exit Right-man Run Left-arrow Left"

"Exit Left-man Run Right-arrow Right"

"Exit Left-man Run Right"

"Vinyl Tape"

"Co2 Battery"

"Portable Fire Extinguishers"